Once again, IWCS in Providence Rhode Island was a great success.... Both directly and with distributors, PE.fiberoptics utilises the best forums around the world to showcase world beating measurement solutions. - In November, we introduced yet more innovations based on our 500 series products at the International Wire and Cable Symposium in Rhode Island, USA.

Fiber Optic Testing

PE.fiberoptics has a rich history working with industry leaders in the optical fiber and cable manufacturing world, developing and delivering state of the art solutions for your critical measurement requirements. We manufacture systems that measure a range of optical and physical parameters.


PE.fiberoptics is pleased to announce two simultaneous deliveries of yet another innovation in the measurement of Spectral Attenuation. PE.fiberoptics has recently delivered the latest version of the SA500 and the WS500 measurement systems to two undisclosed users. Deeply involved in the manufacture of specialist fibers and cables used in the Submarine Communication industry, the users state that the choice was driven by the fact that existing solutions were not up to the ever increasing demands of the Submarine Cable industry.