Fiber Optic Testing
CURL500 !

 PE.fiberoptics has a rich history working with industry leaders in the fiber and cable world, developing and delivering state of the art solutions for your critical measurement needs.

Recent developments have enabled us to update our high speed dual laser scanning CURL measurment system to a 500 series product, to be known as the CURL500 , yielding a massive productivity increase.

 PE.fiberoptics manufactures systems that measure a range of optical and physical parameters from Polarisation Mode and Chromatic Dispersion (CD/PMD) to Fiber and Coating Geometry. We welcome you to browse our website or contact us directly for further information.

Spectral Modelling & MFD by OTDR

 PE.fiberoptics  goal is to maintain its position as a trusted partner in the field of fiber testing.

We continue to invest heavily in new products and are pleased to announce that we have been working on a high linearity, high dynamic range, multi-wavelength OTDR for use by fiber factories.

It is our intention to provide choice to our customer base by making available a cost effective range of instruments for the measurement of Loss Linearity, Spectral Attenuation Modelling and MFD.

The project has progressed well and as we close in on the final specifications, we are looking for additional partners to help guide us to the finished product.

If you wish to be part of this program, please contact us.

Recruiting NOW!

We are currently looking for an internal Sales/Applications engineer