About Us

In 2005 the senior management team of PerkinElmer Fiber Optics formed a new company, PE.fiberoptics Ltd, after purchasing the assets of the fiber optics business from PerkinElmer.

PE.fiberoptics has taken over responsibility for all aspects of customer support including warranty for those PerkinElmer products purchased by customers from the Wokingham site.

PE.fiberoptics will continue to invest in new products to expand the product range and maintain a position as a world leader in fiber optic test equipment.

We are very excited about continuing to work with our colleagues and customers, striving to offer the highest standards in product and support.

The Management Team

Dich Heinrich, Managing Director

Dick has significant commercial and operational experience in the electronics component and product assembly industries, before he became a General Manager / Managing Director. He has led SME organisations through a customer-focused strategy by bringing new products and technologies to market successfully and he’s very keen to guide PE.fiberoptics in its next phase of development.

Andy Nicholas, Sales Director

Andy has many years of experience in high technology, moving into fiber optics in 1983. Andy served in the capacities of field service engineer, development engineer and application engineer before moving into sales in 1992. Andy is now responsible for sales of fiber test instruments both directly and through our distributors network worldwide.

Adrian Evans, Operations Director 

Adrian has experience in high technology instrumentation and worldwide field service. Adrian was Customer Support Manager for the Fiber Optics Group of PerkinElmer for 10 years and had experience as operations manager manufacturing high technology products for export worldwide.

Mohsin Owais, Engineering Director

Mohsin has been working in the electronics/software engineering and development environment since 2002. He brings valuable experience in new product development and delivering engineering projects. Mohsin has been leading R&D/Engineering projects in the oil and gas industry prior to joining PE.fiberoptics in 2018.