Chromatic Dispersion Measurement System


The PEfiberoptics CHROMOS11 chromatic dispersion measurement test set has been designed specifically for use with installed high capacity DWDM transmission systems, including networks with integral EDFAs. Optionally, a PMD measurement function can be added allowing full network PMD to be characterized.

The CHROMOS11 This system went through a few iterations in design which has resulted in the earliest delivered units being put into 'non support' mode, intermediate delivered systems will be in 'limited-support' mode where support is provided on a best effort basis, while later units are still in 'supported' mode meaning full support and service is provided. For details and information on which support mode applies to your system, please contact your local PFO sales representative or click the 'Enquire NOW' button below.

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  • Tunable Laser Source for improved accuracy and dynamic range
  • Direct dispersion measurements over C and or L bands
  • Measurements in networks with multiple optical amplifiers
  • Excellent resolution and accuracy over a very wide dispersion range
  • Increased accuracy option with externally connected wavemeter
  • 30 seconds typical measurement time
  • Up to 60dB loss budget (dynamic range)
  • PMD Measurement Option
The CHROMOS11 is the first of a new series of portable test instruments designed by PEfiberoptics to provide accurate in-system chromatic dispersion measurement. It allows transmission system suppliers and operators to measure the total end-to-end dispersion of both repeater less and line-amplified systems with the minimum of disruption. Chromatic Dispersion and PMD at any wavelength in the C or L bands can be measured accurately enabling the performance of 10 and 40Gbit/s WDM systems to be predicted and optimized.

Please refer to the published data-sheet for up-to-date specifications for this product.

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