Manufacturers of optical fiber and optical fiber cable are increasingly being required to provide specifications on the degree of curl in the fiber that they are either making or using.

The CURL500 system is the latest product to be given the '500' series update. Brand new optics, electronics, mechanics and software have resulted in a faster and easier to use system ,please contact your local PFO sales representative or click the 'Enquire NOW' button below.

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  • Measures the degree of curl in optical fibers
  • Curl measurement range of 0.7 to 99m
  • Typical measurement time less than 5 seconds
  • Measurement as per IEC-60793-1-34 and TIA-EIA-455 FOTP 111

The CURL500 has been designed to provide robust and accurate measurements of Curl in fibers in a production environment. 

It complies both with IEC and TIA. 

The CURL500 measures the curl on 10mm of free fiber, using a technique called “Dual Beam Differential Laser Triangulation”.

The major benefit of this dual beam method is that the beams are fixed in relation to each other; one acts as the reference for the other and as such the system becomes insensitive to any mechanical influences relating to the rotational and fiber holding mechanism, making it far more repeatable and accurate that the alternative microscope image based measurements that need a mechanical reference for the measurement point. The latest optics, electronics, mechanics and software designs have produced an instrument that is significantly faster than it's predecessor.

Please refer to the published data-sheet for up-to-date specifications for this product.
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  • 'PEcon' is our all new software package, used to control the 500 series instruments. 
  • 'PEcon' is built around the Microsoft .net framework.
  • 'PEcon' can be run on Windows® 7 through to the latest Windows® 10 in both 32bit and 64bit versions.
  • 'PEcon' can load saved results from our older 400 series instruments. 
  • 'PEcon' has a customisable look and feel and will be familiar to users of Microsoft Windows® and Microsoft Office® products.
  • 'PEcon' comes with a built in report editor enabling the user to configure and control the format of any printouts.
  • 'PEcon' has built in capabilities to allow automation and control of the instrument and data collection by central computer systems.
  • 'PEcon' is updated as and when features are added and functionality is improved. Please contact us for the latest version required for your product.

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