Spectral Attenuation Measurement System


The all new SA500 Spectral Attenuation system represents a new generation of fiber test equipment based on the latest digital DSP technology.

The PE.fiberopticSpectral Attenuation system in the form of the SM400A became the industry standard for factory measurement of spectral attenuation on long non-repeatered submarine cable lengths. 

The SA500 with it's new electronics and software continues this role, but with enhanced spectral coverage, functionality and measurement speed.

In most Submarine Cable manufacturing sites, cable lengths between land stations and the first amplifier have stretched. There now exists a requirement to measure the Spectral attenuation of lengths with losses greater than 35dB, something the SA500HD achieves with unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

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Please refer to the published data-sheet for up-to-date specifications for this product.
This product has a wide choice of configurations and we invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements.
  • 'PEcon' is our all new software package, used to control the 500 series instruments. 
  • 'PEcon' is built around the Microsoft .net framework.
  • 'PEcon' can be run on Windows® XP through to the latest Windows® 8 in both 32bit and 64bit versions.
  • 'PEcon' can load saved results from our older 400 series instruments. 
  • 'PEcon' has a customisable look and feel and will be familiar to users of Microsoft Windows® and Microsoft Office® products.
  • 'PEcon' comes with a built in report editor enabling the user to configure and control the format of any printouts.
  • 'PEcon' has built in capabilities to allow automation and control of the instrument and data collection by central computer systems.

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