Attenuation/Spectral Attenuation

Attenuation in an optical fiber occurs as a result of the way the light interactwith the structure of the fiber both at a microscopic and a macroscopic level. It is one othe parameters that can significantly be affected by the processes used to manufacture and install the cable.

All the intrinsic and extrinsic mechanisms that create this loss of signal are known to be wavelength dependent and as such are normally measured over the useable spectrum for which the fiber is designed,hence the term 'Spectral Attenuation' is used.

There are three main mechanisms to be considered:

  • Scattering
  • Absorption
  • Bending

Whilst it is possible to determine the effects of some of the mechanisms individually, the main purposes of this measurement is to yield a value that describes the sum of all the mechanisms with the fiber in a relaxed and unstressed state.

The 'Production/Lab/R&D' range is suitable for manufacturers of fiber and cables as well as optical component manufacturers. 

The 'Field Equipment' range is suitable for measuring installed links in the field.

Production/Lab/R&D Equipment

Field Equipment