Cable & Fiber Strain

Strain, is where the fiber and cable experience length and optical attenuation changes when the cable which is designed to protect the fiber is stressed in some way. 

In order to ensure that the cable design and its subsequent manufacture protects the fiber during its installation and operation, it is necessary to expose the cable to stresses that exceed normal installation and operational limits whilst at the same time monitoring the length and attenuation of the fiber. Limits to these variations in length(strain) and attenuation are well defined in the various standards. 

The solution we have developed allows the simultaneous measurement of both 'Fiber Strain' and 'Cable Strain' for inclusion in the graphs and reports.

PE.fiberoptics has developed technology that is suited both to the standard tests as carried out in the factory as well as to specialist measurements that are occasionally needed in field applications.

The 'Production/Lab/R&D' range is suitable for manufacturers of fiber and cables as well as optical component manufacturers and with special guidance may be used in field applications.

Production/Lab/R&D Equipment