Chromatic Dispersion (CD)

Chromatic Dispersion in an optical fiber happens when the speed of light changes according to the particular wavelength being transmitted. When the transmitter source spectral width is not infinitely narrow, this finite range of wavelengths will travel at varying speeds thus causing the transmitted pulse to spread or 'disperse' in time.

There are various technologies available to measure Chromatic Dispersion and each technology lends itself to a particular application for the measurement. What works well on a 5,000km submarine link will not necessarily cope quite so well on a 1km drum of cable and vice-versa. For this reason, PE.fiberoptics has developed a range of solutions that address the specific needs of each application.

The 'Production/Lab/R&D' range is suitable for manufacturers of fiber and cables as well as optical component manufacturers. 

The 'Field Equipment' range is suitable for measuring installed links in the field.

Production/Lab/R&D Equipment

Field Equipment