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At PE.fiberoptics, we maintain a strategy to continually improve the solutions we offer, which eventually leads to the requirement to release a completely new version. When this happens, the existing offerings are put into what we call 'Supported' mode, where repair, support and calibration services are offered for a defined period. After this defined period, the product will be moved into 'limited support' mode, repair calibration and support being supplied on a best-effort basis. Once all resources for support have been exhausted, the model will be declared un-supportable and will therefore be switched to 'non support' mode.

In order to assist users plan for equipment replacement budgets, PE.fiberoptics will usually give notice in the event a product is to be moved from one support mode to the next.

The relevant status of support mode will be noted against each individual product on its respective page.

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Previous Production/Lab/R&D Equipment

CD300 CD400 CURL400 FGM400 PMD400 PMD4000 WS400

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